2021 hasn’t been smooth sailing, essentially a whirlwind year for most, with the world still amid pandemic and unpredictable times ahead. So many challenges have been experienced since we launched in 2012. But a clearer view of what’s ahead is coming into focus. Every challenge inspires us as we face the future and helps us stand out from the competition. It's in this spirit that we say appreciate and sincere wishes for the New Year.

Looking back to 2021,GeeTest has established 5 service stations worldwide with the market share outside of China rapidly growing by 60%. It's exciting that exceeded 620,000,000 requests in a single day through GeeTest servers in 2021.

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Grateful To Our investors, Partners, and GeeTester

We carry all trust in our hearts throughout this difficult year and continue to be here for all supporters as they move forward. In the midst of it all, our thanks to all for sticking with us through different challenges, especially our investors, customers, and partners. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Meanwhile, it also deserves recognition for our powerful self-drive team members who are the cornerstone of the team's innovation and progressive development. We will always believe and be committed to improving the technology of cyber security industry and offering robust bot mitigation.

2021: The Year in Highlights

It’s inspiring to review how GeeTest groups and departments are working together to find solutions for customers and achieving phenomenal growth.Now we are able to look back and say that 2021 was a great improvement in 2020 and everything that made this year so special.

  • Feb 2021 :GeeTest released 2020 Interactive Security Industry Research Report

  • Apr 2021 : The volume of requests through GeeTest's servers in a single day exceeded 620,000,000 for the first time.

  • May 2021 :Rapidly Growing Coverage In The Blockchain Industry,GeeTest has been trusted by over 10 of the top 50 crypto websites, including poloniex, hotbit, paxfu, FTX, BINANCE, Chiliz, StormGain

  • Jun 2021 : GeeTest serves over 320,000 brands worldwide currently that have increased by 35% compared to 2020, offering over 1.4 billion security safeguards every day.

  • Dec 2021 : The Market Share of GeeTest Products Outside Of China rapidly growing by 60% over 2021

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We are grateful to have such a strong team of innovators, which will motivate us further to continue enhancing our products and our solution to outpace bot attacks.

GeeTest will take a new journey and create brilliant new achievements in the coming year. May we work together and make progress together. Learn more about our solutions or free trial our products in action, please visit now.

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