We are proud to announce that GeeTest has been listed in Forrester's Now Tech: Bot Management, Q4 2021.

GeeTest has been providing clients with top-ranked bot mitigation and fraud prevention solutions for over 9 years and will continue to optimize its products and user experience while keeps developing innovative bot management solutions.

Currently, GeeTest has a tried and tested product series that is dedicated to mitigating automated bot attacks for apps, websites, and APIs, including GeeTest CAPTCHA v4 - Adaptive CAPTCHA and GeeTest CAPTCHA v3 - One-Click Verification.

GeeTest CAPTCHA v4 is the latest upgrade of the GeeTest CAPTCHA series.

  • It is enhanced by active and dynamic security strategies
  • optimizes conversion rate with ease-of-use design
  • upgrades to an intelligent and modular operating system
  • supports multilingual and global deployment

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Over the past year, GeeTest has steadily increased its security machine learning capability and customer volume. We are grateful to our customers and investors who have been our solid support motivation to keep GeeTest innovating. With all continued support, GeeTest serves over 320,000 brands worldwide currently that has increased by 35% compared to last year, including Airbnb, miHoYo, and BINANCE, offering over 1.4 billion security safeguards every day.

Meanwhile, it also deserves recognition for our amazing team members who are the cornerstone of the team's innovation and progressive development. We will always believe and be committed to improving the cyber security environment and offering robust bot management.

To learn more about Forrester Now Tech: Bot Management, Q4 2021 Report, please visit here.

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