Why You Should Add CAPTCHA to Your Shopify Store or Website?

Every day more than 200 million CAPTCHA tests are said to be done on various websites through different devices. Still wondering what is the purpose of having a CAPTCHA test for your Website or Shopify Store. We're providing complete detail on why CAPTCHA is important and how it creates an impact on your online business or blog.  

😇 What is CAPTCHA? 

CAPTCHA, the word which is quite more famous when we visit a website or any activity that we are supposed to do online. The full form of CAPTCHA is a Completely Automated Public Turning Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. The main function of CAPTCHA is to identify and differentiate between real users and spam users like bots. Meanwhile, user experience and user information security are increasingly becoming the most important factors. In this regard, GeeTest has been strictly abiding by the GDPR. The slide CAPTCHA pioneered by GeeTest has been providing CAPTCHA services to over 290,000 companies worldwide now.

🤔 Different Types of CAPTCHA Tests 

There are different types of CAPTCHA tests to use on the website and let's know what those are.

  • Behavior analysis CAPTCHA (Typified by GeeTest Slide CAPTCHA)
  • Word Problem Test 
  • Social Media Sign-in CAPTCHA 
  • Time-Based CAPTCHA 
  • HoneyPot CAPTCHA 
  • Picture Identification 
  • Confident CAPTCHA 
  • Sweet CAPTCHA 
  • Biometrics 

These are the 11 CAPTCHA tests used by many of the websites and we brought you their benefits and disadvantages.  

✔️ Benefits of having CAPTCHA on a Website or Shopify Store 

Due to some reasons and to protect from online threats, a website needs a CAPTCHA. It is one of the most direct and effective solutions to help prevent any suspicious activities on a website. 

Prevents Fake Registrations and Activities 

The Spambots are the biggest threats on the internet as they spoil your business activities and damage everything. So, CAPTCHA prevents fake registrations & activities on your website. 

Prevents Comments Forms from Spam or Bots 

Many businesses want to drive more click-through rates with the help of blog comments sections. At the same time, there are huge chances to cause an effect by spammers. So, add CAPTCHA that only allow humans to do comments to your websites. 

Online Shopping with More Secure 

Having CAPTCHA for eCommerce stores or Shopify stores and also for the online websites is good because it protects from frauds or any other bots, even protects all the payment details of the customers. 

You must have the best theme, secure payment gateways & CAPTCHA implemented on your Shopify store or an eCommerce website to make it highly convertible & more secure. If you are confused about which theme you should use in your Shopify store then don’t worry as per analyzation Booster theme is ranking on the top which can give a good conversion rate & is 100% user-friendly, to know more you can check Booster Theme review before purchase. The best part is that GeeTest CAPTCHA works with Booster theme or any Shopify theme or website perfectly. 

Protection for your Email Accounts 

The hacker's main duty is to hack the email accounts by trying multiple passwords. So, the users can fill the CAPTCHA method as it reduces a lot of risks.  

Overall CAPTCHAs are useful for businesses, as the real people trying to submit button of the form such as contact forms, password pages for password protection, comment forms, etc.  

👊 What are the Disadvantages of not having a CAPTCHA on a Website? 

If a website or Shopify Store is not having a CAPTCHA then they are at a huge risk. It just affects not only your business but also your important data. Yes, CAPTCHA is good at avoiding spam, bots, hackers and also protects your & your customer's data. If you do not have CAPTCHA on your website means there might be a chance of getting spam. Along with that, there is an increase in spammers or bots compared to human visitors that tend to hack your entire business by online frauds or hackers. This results in an effect on your business Moreover, your website may lose its online presence at some point.     

💥 Is CAPTCHA the Future for your Online Business? 

CAPTCHA is to protect your online business or Shopify Stores from various suspicious activities, and also from spammers, bots, and other hackers. Having a CAPTCHA or not is completely depends on your business requirements. Suppose, you're selling an eBook, then it is good to have CAPTCHA to protect all the data of your business and your customers.  

👍 How to Add CAPTCHA for a Website? 

If you have a website on WordPress then all you need is just to add a CAPTCHA plugin to your site. In the WordPress plugin directory, there are different options, and for other websites, you must need tech experience with the CAPTCHA add-on process. To install GeeTest CAPTCHA, officially the guide is provided with clean steps to follow. You can add this CAPTCHA to your contact page, payment page, and where the visitor fills in the details before hitting the submit/login/signup button.  

✨ How CAPTCHA Works? 

Today computer programs are lack in revealing or identify who is human and who is a bot especially when it comes to visual data. The main purpose of computers is to recognize letters and numbers, however, to avoid spam or bots, the words or numbers should make them confused. CAPTCHA presents a challenge that theoretically only humans can solve, in which way it helps block the majority of the bot traffic out. For those sophisticated bots, some CAPTCHA vendors also offer further protections, like checking the device fingerprint and monitoring the network environment

⭐How to Choose CAPTCHA? 

Already we are aware that there are different types of CAPTCHA tests for providing great security and among the types of CAPTCHA, based upon the user experiences text-based CAPTCHA test is most irritating and a picture or game-based tests are more user-friendly. Choose the best CAPTCHA test according to the requirements of your business. 

The choice reference of the well-known brands of CAPTCHA is the GeeTest that provides CAPTCHA services for NIKE, HUAWEI, and Xiaomi.  

👉How to Install GeeTest CAPTCHA into a Website or Shopify Store? 

The steps to install GeeTest CAPTCHA is very simple and let's look into those steps. At first, get a GeeTest account and sign in, then get your ID & secret key or site key. Now, integrate server SDK, later integrate with the client, check the failback mode, and finally check the driven traffic data to your website on the dashboard. 

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