About RollerCoin:

RollerCoin is a Play2Earn crypto mining simulator that provides an engaging platform for individuals to learn about real-world mining while earning crypto through mini-games. It caters to beginners in the crypto space, offering a unique gaming experience that combines entertainment and education. Catering to crypto enthusiasts of all levels, RollerCoin faced security challenges inherent in a rapidly evolving crypto gaming landscape.

Security Challenges:

RollerCoin encountered three primary security challenges:

  1. Account Takeover and Cheating: The proliferation of bots completing game objectives posed a threat to the integrity of RollerCoin's ecosystem.
  2. Phishing and Unauthorized Access: To fortify against potential breaches, RollerCoin aimed to enhance security measures, foreseeing the growing risk of phishing attacks.
  3. Security Concerns in a Growing Industry: With the crypto gaming sector expanding, RollerCoin anticipated the need for advanced security measures to protect its users.

GeeTest's Tailored Solutions:

To address RollerCoin's security concerns, GeeTest implemented a comprehensive suite of solutions:

  1. Deploying CAPTCHA to Combat Bots: GeeTest seamlessly integrated CAPTCHA to deter bots, ensuring accurate poll results, preventing fraudulent activities, and conserving RollerCoin's resources.
  2. Protection Against Brute Force Attacks: GeeTest's CAPTCHA effectively countered brute force attacks, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to RollerCoin accounts.
  3. User-Friendly Security Measures: GeeTest prioritized enhancing the user experience by providing a user-friendly CAPTCHA solution, balancing robust security with ease of navigation.

Collaborative Refinement and Adaptation:

Throughout the engagement, GeeTest's 24/7 Security Operations Center collaborated closely with RollerCoin, continually refining the platform's security measures. This collaborative approach ensured a dynamic defense against evolving threats, offering RollerCoin actionable insights for sustained mitigation.

Results Achieved:

The deployment of GeeTest's CAPTCHA yielded notable results for RollerCoin:

  1. Reduction in Fraud and Bots: RollerCoin witnessed an impressive 50% reduction in fraud and bot activities within the first month, further improving to a total reduction of 70% by the end of the second month.
  2. Positive Player Feedback: Players lauded the improved gaming environment, highlighting a noticeable decrease in dishonest bot activities, contributing to an enhanced gaming experience.
  3. Robust Security Measures: GeeTest's CAPTCHA acted as a formidable shield, fortifying RollerCoin's defenses against potential security threats, including cheating and unauthorized access.

In conclusion, the collaboration between RollerCoin and GeeTest not only addressed immediate security challenges but also positioned RollerCoin as a secure and trusted platform in the dynamic landscape of crypto gaming. This case exemplifies the effectiveness of tailored security solutions in mitigating risks and enhancing user confidence in the crypto gaming industry.

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Sissi Sun

Marketing Manager @GeeTest