When a user is interacting with a website:

0.1 second is about the limit for having the user feel that the service is reacting instantaneously. 

1.0 second is about the limit for the user's train of thought to stay uninterrupted, even though there is a noticeable delay.

10 seconds is about the limit for keeping the user's attention focused on the dialogue.

CAPTCHA is a popular security mechanism that prevents malicious bots from accessing and exploiting resources on websites and apps. The friction that CAPTCHA brings to user experience and website performance makes website developers have second thoughts while deploying CAPTCHA. 

The problem with most CAPTCHAs

Bad user experience

  • CAPTCHAs make users more likely to exit the page instead of completing the CAPTCHA and moving on to the next dialogue. Up to 40% of users fail CAPTCHA when they first try.

  • They can be incompatible with mobile devices. A study shows that mobile users were 27% less likely to complete a CAPTCHA than PC users.

  • They may drive down the conversion rate of visitors to registered users by 3.2%.

Insufficient security

  • Bots are evolving rapidly and are capable of sophisticated attacks.

  • CAPTCHA farms and CAPTCH-solving services lower the barrier of bot attacks.

Key factors towards the effectiveness of CAPTCHAs

  • Quick and easy for users to complete
  • Tough for bots
  • Reliable data privacy

OneTap: a less intrusive CAPTCHA that improves user experience without compromising security

GeeTest OneTap is a key feature of GeeTest CAPTCHA to verify the identity of your users with just one tap without any additional data collection or sharing. It is faster and more secure than other CAPTCHA verification mechanisms. 

One-click brings security and the user experience together

No more time wasted on solving endless CAPTCHAs. A study found that 32 seconds is the average time for a user to complete a CAPTCHA challenge. GeeTest OneTap cuts the average time to 0.4 seconds. Users simply need to click a button to pass the challenge, while bots will be accurately detected and the rest is left to GeeTest risk system. It would present risky requests with more challenges and label them in the system to limit their operation.

Reinforced security mechanism used in particular against sophisticated bots

Smarter bots need to be dealt with the enhanced security mechanism. GeeTest system verifies and validates every CAPTCHA request and response, supported by multi-layer protections including network environment detection, JS obfuscation, and proof of work, etc., alongside GeeTest dashboard offers real-time data and insights about the website traffic to assist our client’s decision-making.

Cross-device compatibility keeps updated

Device and system compatibility plays a big part in CAPTCHA service continuity and user experience. GeeTest OneTap is compatible with 99.99% of existing devices and operating systems and constantly updates it. It is a key factor that our clients choose GeeTest. Axie Infinity security team mentioned in an article earlier this year that GeeTest did a great job to enhance their service’s compatibility while preventing mass bot signups

Data privacy is a key part of OneTap

Data protection is always the priority and clients’ data is safe with GeeTest. We comply with regulations on data protection and other global data laws and don’t use or share data for any purpose other than security.

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