Ever been baffled by the cheats in your favorite games? Or been left scratching your head over the elusive tickets, coupons, and sneakers that always seem to slip through your fingers? Maybe you've noticed your social media suddenly flooded with misinformation and fake news. Or perhaps you've been startled by your inbox that's become a magnet for spam messages. Even worse, have you ever discovered your credentials suddenly logging into multiple websites and performing some strange activities?

Welcome to the world of bots, the hidden puppeteers of the internet.

Guess what, over 60% of internet traffic is driven by these cyber tricksters! They not only impersonate real users but also pose a serious threat to cyber security, snatching away benefits that should be going to real users like you. It's a cyber battle between good and evil, and these bots have definitely chosen the dark side.

Now, you must be wondering: How do these sneaky villains operate? Are there any telltale signs to watch out for?

But fear not! At GeeTest, we've personified three common types of cyber villain attacks and brought them to life as lively characters—the GB-BOT. They are here to give us a glimpse into the world of these attacks, making it easier for us to understand the harm and impact they can have. Just remember, even though they may look cute, they are ruthless when it comes to launching attacks!

Now, let's meet the trio!

BEEP - The SMS Bombing Bot

First up, we have BEEP, the SMS Bombing Bot. With his vibrant yellow color, he's a real chatterbox, always buzzing with energy.

"Zzzz, I'm BEEP! You know, I'm quite the social butterfly. I love sending messages - lots and lots of them! I'm the life of the party, always buzzing with energy. But sometimes, my enthusiasm can be a bit... overwhelming. I mean, who wouldn't want to receive a ton of messages from me, right? But here's the thing, I might accidentally leak your personal information, triggering an influx of, let's say, 'enthusiastic' messages from others. That's what they call SMS Bombing. It's not personal, just a bit of fun, you know?"

Ever received a verification SMS on your phone for an app or service you never signed up for or interacted with? Well, you might have fallen victim to SMS Bombing, and that's exactly what BEEP loves to playfully indulge in! It's a mischievous act where automated tools relentlessly bombard a specific target with a massive number of messages. This flood of messages might turn your phone into a playground of spam, causing inconvenience and sometimes even crashing or disrupting your phone system. BEEP certainly knows how to make things exciting, doesn't he?

BAIBO - The Credential Stuffing Attack Bot

Next, we have BAIBO, the Credential Stuffing Attack Bot. Don't be fooled by his strong, tough exterior, he's got a knack for details... BAIBO comes! Password beware!

"Bzzzt, I'm BAIBO. I've got a knack for details, especially when it comes to usernames and passwords. I'm a bit of a tech whiz, you see. I can sneak into your accounts, try out all sorts of combinations until I find what I'm looking for. It's like a game for me, a treasure hunt! You wouldn't happen to use the same password for all your accounts, would you? That would make my job so much easier! Just kidding... or am I?"

Let me ask you a secret, do you use the same password for all your online accounts? Well, It's quite common for internet users to have dozens or even hundreds of accounts across various platforms. To make things easier to remember, many people resort to using a single password for all their accounts. But here's the catch, if one platform's information gets compromised, it puts all your other accounts at risk too.

Now, picture a group of individuals who have stolen your password and are attempting to log into every possible website using your credentials. They're taking a gamble, hoping that luck will be on their side. This thrilling practice is known as credential stuffing attacks, and BAIBO is the mastermind behind it all. They've turned the game of passwords into a high-stakes adventure, where your account security hangs in the balance.

FAKE FLOW - The Fake Traffic Bot

And finally, say hello to FAKE FLOW, the master of disguise, the Fake Traffic Bot.

"Woosh! I'm FAKE FLOW. I'm a master of disguise, always blending in, always part of the crowd. I love to stir things up a bit, you know, keep things interesting. I can make a website look super popular, and inflate those apps daily active users, all with a bit of my magic. And the best part? I can snatch up all those lovely benefits and tickets before anyone else even has a chance. It's all in a day's work for me, making the internet a more... exciting place!"

I bet you've come across this cunning character before. FAKE FLOW, the master of imitation, takes pleasure in pretending to be a real user, spreading malicious information, and creating chaos. Their presence can be felt through the flood of fake traffic on websites, and the inflated numbers of daily active users on apps. They simulate real users but operate with efficiency far beyond human capabilities, snatching away the benefits that rightfully belong to genuine users, creating a sense of frustration and injustice in the digital world.

Meet GB-BOT In the Real World

Curious to know where these troublemaking little bots lurk? Look no further than our CAPTCHA popups, where they come to life, exposing their wicked pranks and online risks!

But wait, there's more! We have a delightful range of GB-BOT merchandise for you to explore and enjoy. Even villains can be stylish.

GB-BOT Stickers:

GB-BOT Figure:

GB-BOT Bots-Union T-shirt:

GB-BOT Pendant:

And that's not all! Our office has fallen victim to these evil bots, with giant GB-BOT stickers boldly claiming their territory. They are everywhere, turning our workplace into their mischievous domain.

HEY! Get ready for some mischievous surprises! Keep your eyes peeled for future events where GB-BOT might sneakily show up, giving you a golden opportunity to grab wickedly awesome GB-BOT merchandise as a special gift. Stay tuned! Stay curious!

But before we go, a heartfelt thank you to our incredibly talented design team for bringing these mischievous bots to life. Their contribution has made our cyber adventures even more enjoyable. Kudos to the team!

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