We’re in the final stretch of 2022, the most disruptive year in GeeTest ! Over the last twelve months, we’ve accomplished a lot and every event, initiative, story, and achievement reminds us that it's our investors, experts, and operational marketing partners who make it all possible.Before we close the books on 2022, let’s take a few moments to list highlights and reflect on what we’ve accomplished this year. The list of highlights is by no means exhaustive, but it is the review we extend what is possible.

12 Highlights From GeeTest 2022

January 2022- GeeTest launched a new bot management solution “3 Shields”.

January 2022- GeeTest announces the launch of new products under the GeeTest product line, the 4th generation of GeeTest CAPTCHA – Adaptive CAPTCHA

Apr 2022- GeeTest Named One of the Top Cyber Security Companies By APAC CIO Outlook

Apr 2022- Launching in April 2022, GeeTest's first podcast brand, GeeTest Cybersecurity Matters, averages 30min per episode and provides quick insights into bot management, fraud prevention, and all aspects of bot-driven attacks. Hosted by a diverse team of GeeTest members, as well as cybersecurity industry experts, the podcast guides listeners through the ever-changing landscape of bot attacks and techniques.

Apr 2022- According to February 2022 statistics, GeeTest's average coverage of top companies in 10 major industries in China has reached 52.40%, and has occupied the Top1 market share in APAC.

Apr 2022 - GeeTest Named as Top Bot Detection and Mitigation Tools in 2022 by Startup Stash

July 2022- Axie Infinity,the frontrunner in blockchain-based play&earn gaming, Turns to GeeTest for Balancing Fraud Protection With User Experience.

Oct 2022- GeeTest has achieved absolutely comprehensive coverage in the blockchain industry with over 20% of the Top 50 crypto exchanges that chose GeeTest to fight fraud attacks, including BINANCE,Axie Infinity, Poloniex,, etc.

Sep 2022 -GeeTest Wins Third Prize in BRICS Industrial Innovation Contest 2022

Nov 2022 - GeeTest list as one of top featured startups 2022

Nov 2022 - GeeTest Chosen As One Of The “TOP 50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2022” by The Silicon Review

Dec 2022 - GeeTest has operations around the world and cooperates with over 320,000 enterprises worldwide,processing 2.9 billion requests daily.

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