We are thrilled to announce that GeeTest has been honored with the prestigious World Business Outlook Award for Best Bot Management Company in China 2023. This recognition underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of bot management, as well as our dedication to providing top-tier solutions to our clients.

The World Business Outlook Awards are highly regarded in the industry, recognizing organizations that demonstrate outstanding performance, innovation, and leadership across various sectors. Being named the Best Bot Management Company in China is a testament to Geetest's relentless pursuit of excellence and our continuous efforts to push the boundaries of technology to combat bot attacks effectively.

At GeeTest, we understand the challenges businesses face in protecting their online assets from malicious bot activities. Our cutting-edge bot management solutions leverage advanced techniques such as behavioral analysis, machine learning, and real-time threat intelligence to identify and mitigate bot attacks effectively, ensuring a seamless and secure online experience for our clients and their users.

This prestigious award serves as a validation of our expertise and leadership in the bot management industry. We are immensely proud of this achievement and extend our heartfelt gratitude to the World Business Outlook Awards for recognizing our efforts.

As we celebrate this milestone, we remain committed to advancing the field of bot management and delivering unparalleled solutions to our clients worldwide. This award inspires us to continue our pursuit of excellence and innovation, driving us to new heights of success in the years to come.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our clients, partners, and dedicated team members whose unwavering support and contributions have been instrumental in this remarkable achievement.

About GeeTest

GeeTest, a CAPTCHA and bot management provider, protects websites, mobile apps, and APIs from automated bot-driven attacks, like ATO, credential stuffing, web scalping, etc. GeeTest has been developing human-bot verification technology since 2012. Now it processes 2.9 billion CAPTCHA requests daily and serves 320,000+ companies in sectors like blockchain, online games, e-commerce, etc. In November 2021 GeeTest was recognized as a selected vendor in Forrester's Now Tech: Bot Management, Q4 2021. In Aug 2023, GeeTest CAPTCHA Awarded 2023 Best Ease of Use and Best Value Badges by Capterra.

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About World Business Outlook

World Business Outlook awards are known globally for recognising/appreciating distinguished achievements of professionals and brands as well as identifying industry talent, corporate excellence in the Banking & Finance sector.World Business Outlooks Awards are here to recognize and celebrate exceptional accomplishments, significant contributions, dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to grow in the Business and Finance sector. World Business Outlook awards aspire to Highlight the Best in Business Excellence.

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Sissi Sun

Marketing Manager @GeeTest