On August 10, after the fierce competition in the finals, the results of the ISC 2020 Innovation Unicorn-Sandbox Contest (final) co-sponsored by Qihoo 360 and Titanium Media were finally announced.

As a pioneer in the field of interactive security, GeeTest was invited to participate in this competition and won two awards - the "The Best New Product" and the "Top 10 Product".

The ISC Innovation Unicorn-Sandbox Contest is one of the major stages in the 8th Internet Security Conference (ISC 2020).

More than 100 security companies across China signed up for the competition,50 strongest were selected, and then the top 10 reached the finish line. After fierce competition, they successfully performed in the finals stage.

Representatives of the jury fully recognized the achievements of GeeTest overturning the traditional character verification code, creating a new behavior verification product, and leading the field of interactive security.

Comment from the jury: "The product bravely and confidently conquered the innovations marketplace. This unique verification system helps users achieve the best experience and has demonstrated outstanding market results."

With the development of the digital economy, network security is no longer aid, but a foundation. Traditional security measures have been unable to keep up with the changes in the new era. 

Therefore it is necessary to jointly build a large security ecosystem, and world-changing innovations will inevitably bring new trends into the large security ecosystem. 

GeeTest will gladly collaborate with new enterprises and businesses and move ahead path of national and international security and ecological business.

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