GeeTest has been deeply exploring cyber security solutions for ten years,insights into what product block bots without cumbersome extra steps for real users.WIth globally trusted security solutions,GeeTest has ranked the Top with 60% market share in China with long-term innovation and progressing product updates in the cyber security industry.

In 2022,GeeTest just Launched the 4th generation of GeeTest CAPTCHA – Adaptive CAPTCHA.

6 Key Features of GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA You Need to Know

  • Adaptive security strategies:

Compared with the passive static security strategy of AI-powered CAPTCHA, GeeTest v4-Adaptive Verification adopts active and dynamic confrontation, providing 7-layer dynamic security strategy which changes with the patterns that bots attack and transforms to 4374 security strategies per defense cycle, increasing 3.714 times the cost of cyber attackers.

7-layer dynamic protection:

Layer 1: Dynamic Update of JS Obfuscation

JS Obfuscation strategies update periodically to increase the cost of reverse engineering

Layer 2: Parameter dynamic update

Dynamic parameters update periodically to increase the cost of API hacking

Layer 3: Global Risk Database

Layer 4: CAPTCHA type

Layer 5: CAPTCHA difficulty

Layer 6: Behavioral algorithm models

Improve the accuracy rate of recognizing suspicious behavioral trace. Machine learning models are trained and evolved regularly based on suspicious trace samples

Layer 7: Parameter encryption

Dynamic parameter encryption increase the cost of API hacking

  • Fully customized protection:

On-demand GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA allows clients to configure CAPTCHA challenge frequency, difficulty, and types for suspicious requests.

  • Seamless integration:

GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA offers three modes,Intelligent Mode, Invisible Mode, and Direct Platform Integration to make CAPTCHA service integrate with the customer's own security system.

The workflow of GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA

  • Uninterrupted user experience:

There are 9 CAPTCHA types with Adaptive CAPTCHA, including No CAPTCHA, Slide CAPTCHA, IconCrush CAPTCHA, Gobang CAPTCHA etc, which suit various security demands without interrupting the user experience. For end users: The product should be able to cover and be compatible with individual users when they use all products of this company from all terminals devices, and meanwhile, ensure the best response speed of user services.

  • Multilingual support and global deployment:

GeeTest adaptive CAPTCHA supports quick client responses assured via assigning users to the nearest server or clusters, meanwhile, Concise communication flow for easier integration with up to 78 languages support.

  • Upgrade to an intelligent and modular operating customer console:

There is a big difference in the demand of security for different enterprises. GeeTest customer dashboard through the analysis of user behavior data, GeeTest CAPTCHA offers analysis for customer's current business scenarios.There are 8 modules for features and services configuration;Tailored service and operation for various events; also equipped with Real-time risk detection and settings at a glance.

GeeTest Product Evolution From 2012 to 2022

Behavioural CAPTCHA -2013

GeeTest pioneered the world's first Behavioural CAPTCHA, overturning the Text-based CAPTCHAs, more than 3500 enterprise websites choose GeeTest in China.

GeeTest Behavioural CAPTCHA

Intelligent CAPTCHA -2015

GeeTest launched the second generation of Intelligent CAPTCHA,which is the first to integrate AI power, multi-dimensional linkage to explore the boundary between humans and bot, serving more than 60,000 enterprises worldwide and setting off a wave of CAPTCHA innovation.

GeeTest Intelligent CAPTCHA

Invisible CAPTCHA -2017

GeeTest's third generation of Invisible CAPTCHA went live. With AI-Powered and several years huge data behind sensorless authentication. GeeTes has ranked the Top with 62% market share in China and has partnered with many overseas customers.

GeeTest Invisible CAPTCHA

Adaptive CAPTCHA -2022

The fourth generation, GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA, was launched with a new bot management solution and innovative model.GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA provides three modes, namely,GeeTest intelligently adaptive mode, Integrated mode,and invisible CAPTCHA mode, which can customized with the most suitable verification matrix and verification difficulty according to the different business and segmentation scenarios of customers, so as to facilitate the customisation of customers' security capabilities.

GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA

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