In the current peak season of cross-border e-commerce, following the conclusion of the Double Eleventh Day shopping extravaganza, the Black Friday shopping spree is about to commence. For many shoppers in overseas countries, Black Friday is undoubtedly the largest online shopping period of the year. With the rapid growth of the cross-border e-commerce industry, a series of threats to business security are gradually emerging. These threats primarily include issues such as false registrations, fraudulent orders, web scraping, malicious transactions, and various forms of unethical practices. These security concerns pose potential risks to the reputation and financial stability of cross-border e-commerce platforms.

In such a complex and highly competitive environment, cross-border e-commerce platforms need to be treated with utmost seriousness to ensure sustainable and secure business operations. As the first platform in China that aggregates products from small and medium-sized suppliers, DHgate has become the largest Chinese cross-border online trading platform in the U.S. and has received key recommendations from China's Ministry of Commerce. In addition to the North American market, DHgate covers 225 countries and regions globally.

As of December 2022, DHgate has accumulated over 2.54 million registered suppliers, with an annual average of over 34 million online products and more than 59.6 million registered buyers. On this platform, an average of 1.34 seconds sees the completion of an order, showcasing the high volume and efficiency of transactions.

DHgate Official Website - Recognizing the complexity of the current online environment, DHgate has proactively acknowledged the potential threats posed by issues such as web crawling, malicious transactions, and fraudulent activities. DHgate understands the impact these security concerns can have on customers and partners. In the fiercely competitive market environment, ensuring the sustainable and secure operation of the platform is of paramount importance.

To address these challenges, DHgate has implemented a variety of measures, including the deployment of the GeeTest CAPTCHA. This initiative aims to meet the expectations of customers and partners while consistently providing high-quality services. Within the DHgate platform, GeeTest CAPTCHA is utilized in multiple scenarios such as registration, login, and order placement. The GeeTest Behavior Verification 4.0 assesses user behavior patterns and login environments to intercept abnormal users attempting to access the website, thereby safeguarding the security of DHgate's business.

DHgate's registration interface with GeeTest CAPTCHA v4

Back-end dual configuration, enhancing verification security.

In the process of providing captcha technology services for DHgate, we have implemented robust security measures to ensure the verification's integrity. This protection is not only evident in the application of technologies such as dynamic security defense in CAPTCHAs but also in our meticulous consideration of configuring often overlooked details in the backend. While ensuring technological advancements and innovation, we also place great emphasis on overall security, aiming to provide DHgate with a secure transaction environment. 

  • User Backend Data Log Query and Log Push Functionality

Log Push: At 10:00 daily, the previous day's data is pushed through the log query function. With this feature, DHgate's staff can delve into the analysis of logs by entering verification serial numbers or verification IDs, allowing for a more effective understanding of anomalies. This enables rapid issue tracking and troubleshooting, facilitating quick identification of business problems. In addition, it possesses a crucial capability: providing information on user action requests, IP addresses, time, and other aspects to further reduce the probability of false positives, ensuring the smooth flow of business processes for legitimate users. Through the log push feature, the DHgate team is equipped to regularly receive notifications, promptly detecting abnormal behavior, large-scale access requests, or other potential risks. This will empower the team to respond quickly to issues, implement defensive measures, and minimize the potential impact of business scenario problems on C-end users. GeeTest CAPTCHA v4, not only provides detailed log analysis but also ensures that the team remains sensitively aware of the platform's business conditions through regular notifications.

  • Domain Whitelisting Configuration

Due to the advanced features of GeeTest CAPTCHA v4, which includes a secondary verification function, the verifying party typically undergoes a three-tier check for legitimacy, repeatability, and timeliness during the validation process. If the parameters of the verifying party are not valid, if the credential already exists in the database, or if the credential has expired beyond 10 minutes, the verifying party will not pass the verification process. Therefore, for testers of DHgate, in order to proceed with the business testing process, it is necessary to configure a whitelist to achieve testing objectives. Allowing the configuration of a domain whitelist means that DHgate can customize security policies according to its own needs. With this configuration feature, allowing access to specific domain names can restrict the use of CAPTCHAs, thereby enhancing the platform's security.

Multilingual and multi-node capabilities optimize the global user experience.

In general, the quality of user experience directly affects user satisfaction. If users are dissatisfied, they may choose other platforms, leading to user loss. Therefore, maintaining and attracting users is crucial for cross-border e-commerce platforms. On the other hand, user experience also influences the conversion rate, i.e., whether users are willing to complete the shopping process. If the CAPTCHA process is complex or difficult to understand, users may abandon shopping midway. Simplifying the CAPTCHA verification process to ensure users can easily complete purchases is key to improving the conversion rate. Considering these factors, DHgate, when adopting GeeTest CAPTCHA v4, specifically emphasized the importance of user experience. Accordingly, GeeTest provided two solutions to optimize the user experience. Firstly, combining the widely used and convenient slider puzzle CAPTCHA with DHgate's risk control system, applied in various business scenarios on the website platform, shortening the verification time. Secondly, GeeTest used a decoupling design to deploy seven service nodes globally, including North America, Frankfurt, Russia, Bangkok, etc. Facing CAPTCHA Q&A requests from end-users and the validation of DHgate's servers, this can be processed in nearby data centres. For customers like DHgate with servers and end-users distributed globally, this measure not only reduces latency but also further shortens verification time, optimizing the global user verification process.

The deployment of global service nodes ensures the effective localization of GeeTest's global customer information in local databases. This layout is designed to disperse hot data points, avoid cache issues, prevent cache penetration and stampede, and enhance horizontal scalability. By binding the metadata and machine processes of services, GeeTest breaks free from the limitations of a central database, adopting a loosely coupled design that allows GeeTest to reconstruct services in seconds. This decentralized design significantly improves the availability and stability of the CAPTCHA service.

In the face of massive traffic during Black Friday every November, this decentralized and lightweight state design, along with the GeeTest CAPTCHA v4, helps DHgate maintain service stability. The website supports 15 different language prompts for registration or login interfaces, customized for various languages and cultures. GeeTest CAPTCHA v4 supports 78 languages globally, offering tailored language adaptations for DHgate, addressing the different linguistic understanding levels in various cultural backgrounds. Adapting the website's language not only prevents misunderstandings or confusion due to language differences but also optimizes the user experience by ensuring simplicity and clarity in a globally diverse linguistic context.

GeeTest CAPTCHA v4's adaptation to Spanish and Arabic for DHgate demonstrates a dual focus on business security and user experience, showcasing their high sensitivity to user needs. By integrating GeeTest's CAPTCHA solution, DHgate effectively tackled business security challenges, ensuring the secure operation of its online platform. In collaboration with DHgate, GeeTest not only prioritized business security but also comprehensively enhanced the global user experience for DHgate users.

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