Tech Times, a leading tech magazine in the US, introduces explosive growth in the NFT market and argues about how Verasity became a Game-Changer in NFT Fraud in its recent post Turning Vision Into Successful Reality: How Verasity Became a Game-Changer in NFT Fraud.

Here is one of the best practices that can improve your crypto wallet's security is mentioned in the article:

Enable CAPTCHA Service

VeraWallet, a free online wallet for VRA (Verasity's native token) tokens,setting GeeTest CAPTCHA to secure wallet.

In terms of security, GeeTest CAPTCHA adopts active and dynamic confrontation, providing 7 layers of protection, stopping various bot attacks through dynamic and active security strategies in real-time. From the whole industry, GeeTest CAPTCHA is widely trusted and set by BINANCE, Axie Infinity, and,etc.The constant change of security strategy disables bot attackers and increases their attack cost. Even the most basic sites and apps have some sort of CAPTCHA.
--Tech Times

The best way to prevent frauds and scams from frustrating the potential of NFTs as an asset class is to proactively stop them and innovation.
--Maryam Mahjoub,the Chief Marketing Officer of Verasity

BINANCE,the largest exchange in the world in terms of daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies,setting GeeTest CAPTCHA to Keep bitcoins safe.


With 2022 on the horizon,GeeTest announces new products under the GeeTest product line including the GeeTest CAPTCHA v4 – Adaptive CAPTCHA, which deals with AI-powered bots with AI and ML models. It provides an intelligent, accurate, and user-friendly replacement for legacy CAPTCHA systems.

Image from GeeTest CAPTCHA v4 – Adaptive CAPTCHA.

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