Bot attacks that focus on APIs are surging, leaving companies' API integrations poorly protected. Business Matters, UK's leading business magazine, discussed ways to protect APIs from bot attacks in its recent post Bot Attacks on APIs Pilling Up: How Companies Can Prepare?

In the article, Business Matters analysed the current status of API security by briefing on the popularity of using APIs among online businesses and the reason why APIs are not secure enough today.

As for solutions for protecting APIs from bot attacks, Business Matters mentioned GeeTest's just launched bot management solution: GeeTest CAPTCHA v4 – Adaptive CAPTCHA. (demo)

GeeTest CAPTCHA v4 deals with AI-powered bots with AI and ML models. It provides an intelligent, accurate and user-friendly replacement for legacy CAPTCHA systems.
One fundamental feature of GeeTest CAPTCHA v4 that makes it distinct from other CAPTCHA systems is modularization.

---Business Matters

The article gave a detailed description of how GeeTest CAPTCHA works under various conditions, and recommended GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA as an agile tool to detect and prevent bot attacks without interrupting users’ experience.

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Hayley Hong

Content Marketing @ GeeTest