GeeTest Product Evolution From 2012 to 2022

Behavioural CAPTCHA -2013

GeeTest pioneered the world's first Behavioural CAPTCHA, overturning the Text-based CAPTCHAs, more than 3500 enterprise websites choose GeeTest in China.

GeeTest Behavioural CAPTCHA

Intelligent CAPTCHA -2015

GeeTest launched the second generation of Intelligent CAPTCHA,which is the first to integrate AI power, multi-dimensional linkage to explore the boundary between humans and bot, serving more than 60,000 enterprises worldwide and setting off a wave of CAPTCHA innovation.

GeeTest Intelligent CAPTCHA

Invisible CAPTCHA -2017

GeeTest's third generation of Invisible CAPTCHA went live. With AI-Powered and several years huge data behind sensorless authentication. GeeTes has ranked the Top with 62% market share in China and has partnered with many overseas customers.

GeeTest Invisible CAPTCHA

Adaptive CAPTCHA -2022

The fourth generation, GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA, was launched with a new bot management solution and innovative model.GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA provides three modes, namely,GeeTest intelligently adaptive mode, Integrated mode,and invisible CAPTCHA mode, which can customized with the most suitable verification matrix and verification difficulty according to the different business and segmentation scenarios of customers, so as to facilitate the customisation of customers' security capabilities.

GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA

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Sissi Sun

Marketing Manager @GeeTest