The Silicon Review magazine, published in Silicon Valley, California, selected GeeTest as one of the50 most admired companies of the year 2022”.GeeTest is excited to be included in this list for our efforts in addressing malicious bot attacks and delivering fraud defense solutions. ​

We see The Silicon Review recognition as a testament to the dedicated and talented team we have here at GeeTest. We also appreciate the customers that are on this path with us and look forward to creating new partnerships as we continue down our journey together.

"Along with today’s online businesses being highly susceptible to financially motivated cyberattacks, it becomes crucial to choose a solution that can maintain the balance between improving the quality of traffic (managing the proportion of fraud traffic) to enable companies to efficiently monetize traffic and combating the hidden and profit-driven bot threat. In light of the above-mentioned scenarios, we are thrilled to present GeeTest 4.0-Adaptive CAPTCHA," says WuYuan, CEO of GeeTest.

GeeTest v4-Adaptive Verification adopts active and dynamic confrontation, providing a 7-layer dynamic security strategy that changes with the patterns that bots attack and transforms to 4374 security strategies per defense cycle, increasing 3.714 times the cost of cyber attackers.

Meanwhile, GeeTest Bot Traffic Analysis Dashboard, which is an all-in-one system that delivers real-time visualized data analysis, provides APIs which can seamlessly integrate with the customer's security system and conduct custom traffic analysis as well as post-incident analysis to help GeeTest customers obtain deeper insight into their web traffic and confronted attack patterns. The dashboard allows all customers to make quick changes to system settings, such as security scheme, security strategy, CAPTCHA interface customization, etc. to swiftly adapt to the ever-changing attack and fraud trend. GeeTest offers real-time accurate risk detection for our clients. Dynamic global database accurately captures web simulators, suspicious IPs, CAPTCHA farms, and more potential risks in real-time.

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Sissi Sun

Marketing Manager @GeeTest