On July 27-28, the Going Global Conference 2023 - B2B Globalization Summit, hosted by AroundDeal, an AI-empowered global business information SaaS platform, was held in Shenzhen. The summit aimed to facilitate discussions among B2B entrepreneurs and innovators from various industries, encouraging them to share challenges, pain points, and hot topics through keynote speeches and panel discussions focused on B2B global expansion practices and real-life cases.

GeeTest VP Long Fang, along with GeeTest's marketing team members, Sissi Sun and Hayley Hong, attended the event.

Going Global Conference 2023, Shenzhen

Overseas growth is vital for B2B companies, and brand influence plays a significant role. The industry's technology has a disruptive impact that should not be underestimated. GeeTest team focuses on transforming traditional thinking, adjusting strategies, and maintaining leadership in overseas market competition. In a keynote speech titled "B2B Companies Going Global: Exploring the Path of Brand & Traffic Growth," Sissi Sun shared GeeTest's global journey, covering content marketing, digital marketing, Influencer marketing, client partnerships, and more. Attendees gained valuable insights into future B2B globalization trends.

Sissi Sun delivering an engaging and insightful talk on GeeTest's journey towards global expansion.

At the B2B Globalization Power Summit, speakers from various industries delivered captivating speeches, offering profound analysis on B2B marketing, globalization, and industry challenges. Their insights inspired and enlightened attendees, providing valuable industry development trends.

Qiao Xu, Director of APAC Market at LONGi

Panel Discussion of Going Global for Chinese Enterprises Post Pandemic


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Hayley Hong

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