On December 9th, Deloitte announces winners for its 2021 Deloitte Optics Valley Technology Fast 20 & Rising Star program, co-hosted by Deloitte China and Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone Management Committee. GeeTest is recognized as one of the fastest-growing hi-tech companies along with other 19 companies in related industries, such as software, internet, big data, etc. This is the second time GeeTest has gotten into this program.

Mr. Fan Hongbin, the managing partner of Deloitte China Wuhan Office, said that the enterprises who get into Optics Valley Technology Fast 20 & Rising Star also get the opportunity to win in China Technology Fast 50 & Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500 and China Rising Star program.

Deloitte launched the Technology Fast 50/500 Program in Silicon Valley in 1995. It takes place simultaneously every year in more than 30 countries including the US, UK, Germany, Japan, and China. The mainstream media have considered the program as a benchmark for global fast-growing companies. Previous winners in this program include Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Tesla, Alibaba, Tencent, ByteDance, BOE, DJI, etc.

GeeTest has been a key player in bot management & fraud prevention for over 9 years. With good performance in the international market, GeeTest was reported by Gartner, Forrester, and other professional media as a representative service provider of the bot management sector.

Lately, GeeTest released its new product, GeeTest CAPTCHA v4 - Adaptive CAPTCHA. It is the latest upgrade of the GeeTest CAPTCHA series.

  • It is enhanced by active and dynamic security strategies
  • optimizes conversion rate with ease-of-use design
  • upgrades to an intelligent and modular operating system
  • supports multilingual and global deployment

GeeTest has been serving over 320,000 enterprises worldwide, including NIKE, SHEIN, Airbnb, BINANCE, Agoda, Crypto, eBay, etc.

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