The system operates on three key principles: Behavioral Analytics, Real-Time Alerts, and a User-Friendly Interface. It continuously monitors device activities, providing instant notifications on suspicious activities and an intuitive interface for easy management.

GeeTest's device fingerprint relies on private data like IMEI/IDFA, generating a unique device identifier through the Weak Feature Attribution algorithm. It provides a stable and tamper-resistant device fingerprint, recognizing device risks by collecting over 300 weak feature factor data points. Leveraging device relationship graphs and the triple-dimensional review model, it identifies virtual, automated, and customized devices, offering real-time outputs of device risk labels and risk statuses.

5 Key Features of GeeTest Device Fingerprinting

Risk Labels:

Monitor traffic credibility from both behavioral and device dimensions, providing up to 34 black industry risk labels for reference. It facilitates the identification of devices with similar risk labels, offering optimization references for your security and business strategies.

Relation Map:

By identifying connections among risky traffic, and automating the organization of risk details, frequency information, and associated data for high-risk devices, this process provides data references for business departments.

Application Management:

You can add as many applications as you need. Each application's data is distinguished through unique IDs and keys, facilitating secure data analysis for different modules of the business.

Access Control:

According to your needs, you can manually add blacklists or whitelists to facilitate the management of access permissions to specific objects or resources.

Data Studio:

Our Device Fingerprinting product includes a robust Data Studio feature, offering users an intuitive analytics dashboard for comprehensive insights. It enables informed decisions, pattern detection, and effective security strategy optimization.

Facing Cyber Threats Head-On

Cyber threats are escalating, and businesses need robust cybersecurity solutions. Traditional measures struggle to keep pace, creating a demand for innovative tools. Device fingerprinting stands out as a pivotal method in addressing challenges such as unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.

Precision Defense Across Industries

GeeTest's Device Fingerprinting adapts its defense mechanisms across various industries. In finance, it aids risk assessment by analyzing unique device characteristics. For e-commerce, it becomes a shield against payment fraud, account compromise, and identity theft. In gaming, it detects patterns associated with cheating, maintaining a fair and secure gaming environment. In cryptocurrency, it verifies the legitimacy of transactions, adding an extra layer of confirmation against phishing attacks and identity theft.

To learn more about key technologies and capabilities at play you can download the product brochure of GeeTest Device Fingerprinting by clicking here.

GeeTest Device Fingerprinting stands as a testament to GeeTest's commitment to innovation, privacy, and security in the digital landscape. This groundbreaking solution empowers businesses to elevate their security measures, personalize user experiences, and effectively combat fraudulent activities within their applications.

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