We’re thrilled to announce that APAC CIO Outlook recognized GeeTest as one of the Top 10 Cyber Security Vendors 2022.

We accept that being named a top cyber security company is a stamp of approval on the effort GeeTest is doing to drive forward the bot management and anti-fraud industry and notable achievement at the start of 2022.

For the past decade, GeeTest has ranked at the top with 52.4% market share in China for a long time with long-term innovation and progressing product updates in the cyber security field and has been rising steadily.

According to APAC CIO Outlook:

Today’s businesses are highly susceptible to financially motivated cybercrimes. This has resulted in companies installing high friction solutions to reduce the risks. However, as these solutions can often disrupt business operations, it becomes crucial to choose a solution that can maintain the balance between improving the quality of traffic (managing the proportion of fraud traffic) to enable companies to efficiently monetize traffic and combating the hidden and profit-driven bot threat. That’s where GeeTest can help.

Every website or app needs traffic to generate sales or business growth, but it is not the more, the better. Both quantity and quality of traffic are important for a high-performing online business. High-quality traffic means a higher conversion rate and sales volume, while malicious bot traffic only wastes your ad bill and holds up the development of your business. Malicious traffic keeps taking up internet traffic, and it is urgent for online businesses to identify high-quality traffic.

"GeeTest provides Bot Management Solution,3 shields, for companies to boost their business by helping them identify good traffic and block bot traffic,"

-Wu Yuan, GeeTest CEO

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Sissi Sun

Marketing Manager @GeeTest