Intelligent mode

In intelligent mode, GeeTest CAPTCHA v4 conducts a comprehensive risk assessment of whether the current request is risky or not by considering the device environment analysis and behavior analysis of each request. It accurately distinguishes between trustworthy and suspicious users, also based on this result, the mode will select an appropriate CAPTCHA types according to the level of risk. For real users, it provides a seamless experience with NoCAPTCHA CAPTCHA, ensuring no friction. However, for suspicious users, it selects a strong security CAPTCHA type to protect the business.

Why intelligent mode?

  • Accurate identification Capability: Relying on years of experience in combating hacker by GeeTest, the information such as user environment features and behavioral trajectories are analyzed based on the requests. Through GeeTest's mature and stable rule strategies and identification algorithm models, it can accurately and effectively differentiate real and suspicious users.
  • Intelligent verification: When NoCAPTCHA CAPTCHA is combining with other CAPTCHA types, the user experience-first mode will be enabled by default setting, where the NoCAPTCHA CAPTCHA is allocated to no-risk users to prioritize user experience. If security-first is desired, the button can be disabled, and all requests will no longer be allocated the NoCAPTCHA CAPTCHA. Instead, different levels of risk-based CAPTCHA types will be assigned by risk-level of requests.


No own risk control system: Organizations that do not have their own risk control system and have been constantly disrupted by malicious attacks. This mode can play an important role in preventing automated scripts, robot attacks, or abusive behaviors in scenarios such as website registration, web crawler restrictions, website comments, and form submissions.

Direct Platform Integration Mode

The Direct Platform Integration Mode is a highly scalable integration solution provided by GeeTest specifically for complex business scenarios. This mode empowers customers to make their own decisions regarding the selection of CAPTCHA types to be displayed. When customers have already built their own risk control system or risk identification capabilities and have clearly defined the risks for each business request, they can combine GeeTest's Direct Platform Integration mode to specify a suitable CAPTCHA type for secondary verification of the request risks. It can also be combined with the actual scenario's business logic, such as user profiles and promotion rules, to enhance the overall experience and security of scenario.

The advantage of Direct Platform Integration

The Direct Platform Integration mode is primarily designed to help that the CAPTCHA is flexible enough in terms of technical integration and can be applied to various complex integration scenarios for customers. For example, when customers have their own security systems, they can combine the risk results returned by the security system with the characteristics of the actual business scenario to ultimately choose a suitable CAPTCHA type. After successfully distinguishing between humans and bots through the CAPTCHA, the verification results can be returned to the customer in real-time. Based on the results of the secondary verification, the customer can process the overall scenario security accordingly. This design ensures that customers are not subjected to any interference or restrictions in terms of security and user experience in their business scenarios.


  • Independent risk control system: Some customers, while having their own risk control systems, make risk judgments for each user request. Based on the identification results and the classification of user types and risk levels, they can combine the different characteristics of each CAPTCHA type provided by GeeTest and selectively display the corresponding CAPTCHA form to enhance security and user experience in their business scenarios.
  • Verification combined with business logic: Different CAPTCHA forms can be used for different business scenarios, such as combining them with promotion rules or user profiles. Different CAPTCHA type with varying difficulty levels can be displayed to diverse user groups. This effectively reduces the risk of activity operations and improves operational quality.

Invisible mode

GeeTest Invisible mode is a "No CAPTCHA Display" bot mitigation solution. It accurately distinguishes legitimate users/suspicious users based on various features such as user environment and behavioral trajectories. In this mode, the front-end provides a seamless experience by not displaying any CAPTCHA forms, enabling users to have an optimal user experience. GeeTest records the risk of each request based on the user's behavioral characteristics and device environment. Customers can obtain the corresponding request risk in real-time through the API, facilitating integration and further development with their own risk control systems and business systems.

The pros of this mode

  • Ultimate User Experience: The purpose of GeeTest's "Invisible Mode" is to ensure the security of business scenarios while allowing users to remain undisturbed by the verification interaction process, thus providing a completely frictionless user experience. It can be seamlessly integrated into the client's business scenarios in a highly flexible manner. For instance, it can be integrated with a submission button on a form or triggered during page loading.
  • Real-time Feedback of Recognition Results: For the risk data that has been identified, it will be promptly sent back to the client's server through an API, enabling the client to implement business restrictions based on this risk data or establish their own risk user profile library.


  • Login/Registration: Most attacks on the platform originate from the submission phase of the registration/login form, which is also a critical channel for new user acquisition and genuine old users' access to the platform. Therefore, ensuring that the login/registration process can be expedited for new users and friction minimized for existing users without compromising security becomes crucial. In this context, GeeTest's Invisible mode can address this issue. It does not introduce any additional steps to the login/registration process while effectively controlling the risks associated with such scenarios.
  • Information browsing: Industries such as news, video vendors, and recruitment have high demands for page views and user views. It is crucial to deliver information to users as quickly as possible, and each additional interaction directly affects information dissemination. As a result, these kinds of platforms often need to expose information directly to the users without login. However, it causes a large number of crawling programs that steal important data from the platform on a daily basis, while also increasing server operating costs significantly.
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WenChao Hu

Product Manager @ GeeTest