Founded in 1932s, LEGO has fed the desires of adults and children worldwide to imagine and create. The little colorful bricks enable our creative thinking and problem-solving skills. LEGO Discovery Center, as the indoor LEGO playground for all ages, brings a fantastic experience for guests to see iconic landmarks built from LEGO bricks.

Adhering to the same values of creativity, we excitedly announce the partnership with LEGO Discovery Center Beijing. GeeTest introduced jigsaw puzzles CAPTCHA to the world, replacing the annoying Text CAPTCHA 8 years ago, which brought out a great revolution from utilizing gamification to turn CAPTCHA into a real fun and effortless experience. Time flies and GeeTest is turning eight years old this month. We have set the theme “Infinity & Creativity,” marking our 8th anniversary. Precisely as “Infinity & Creativity,” GeeTest shall not cease from exploring new possibilities.

Through the cooperation, GeeTest’s can bring more joy to people and let them join with the LEGO world via our internal commercial recommender system. Our smart commercial recommender system can dynamically display the images stored in our ads resource pool to the targeted audiences.

We’re at the first step of partnership with Happy Valley Entertainment Park and WWF China. Join our community in affiliate marketing to get your brand exposed and make GeeTest CAPTCHA more fun!

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