GeeTest was Invited to Attend CCS 2021 Chengdu Cyber Security Conference,The First Release of Three Elements of Bot Management.

The CCS 2021 Chengdu Cyber Security Conference was successfully held in Chengdu on September 26, 2021, under the guidance of Sichuan Internet Information Office, co-sponsored by Chengdu Internet Information Office and Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, and hosted by Chengdu NoSugar Information Technology Co.

As the focus of the CCS 2021 Chengdu Cyber Security Conference, Baidu Security - AI Security sub-forum focused on security issues in the frontier areas of AI security, data security and privacy protection from the three major research dimensions of AI security: Security, Safety and Privacy.

Wu Yuan, CEO of GeeTest, as a guest speaker, shared his new understanding of the long-term confrontation with the front line of cybercrime and fraud in the past 9 years during the meeting. Among them, the solution of "Three elements of Bot Management " will focus on the identification and confrontation of the most important network cybercrime and fraud in the "bot management" of enterprises in the next decade.

Wu Yuan, ceo of GeeTest, introduced the "three elements of bot management" solution

As the cyber world is getting deeper and deeper into every aspect of our society, cyber cybercrime and fraud is also escalating.

Wu Yuan, CEO of GeeTest, said that in the 9 years of front-line confrontation with the cybercrime and fraud, it was found that the key to solving the problem of difficult identification of the cybercrime and fraud lies in deep understanding of its concealment, confrontation and industrial chain, meanwhile, bot management is becoming an important trend for businesses seeking to compete effectively with the cybercrime and fraud in the future.

GeeTest has created countermeasures against the cybercrime and fraud based on the three elements of trusted traffic, following the product design principles of strong targeting and high effectiveness, using the three-dimensional review technology of behavior check, identity check, and device check to achieve the unification of security, experience, and communication.

Wu Yuan said that all Internet companies are at the same starting line in bot management now,and it still has a long way to go. Meanwhile, bot management will increase the competitive edge of Internet firms in this industry by around 2-5 times. The room for future improvement is also the space for enterprises to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

In Gartner's two recent articles on bot management, GeeTest has become the first bot management service provider in China to be noticed and a representative bot management vendor in the OFD area in Gartner 2020. At the same time, GeeTest will soon release the industry's first "Bot Management White Paper" to help enterprises gain a better cyber security environment all over the world.

At the conference, the Baidu security team also shared its latest technical research and practical achievements.

Baidu security department director architect (Bao ChenFu)was doing research sharing.

PaddleSleeve: An Exploration of AI Security and Privacy in Industry Practice

Baidu security senior R & D engineer(HongJue) was doing research sharing

Privacy Breach of AI Models: Risk, Assessment and Protection

Baidu security department dianshi product line technology leader was sharing

Dianshi privacy computing platform built on confidential computing technology

About CCS 2021 Chengdu Cyber Security Conference

As the first new "business card" in the field of cybersecurity launched during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, this conference is themed "New Security Environment, New Security Ecology", including the opening ceremony and main forum, six summit dialogue sub-forums including AI Security Sub-forum and Financial Security Sub-forum, two professional events including the 4th "Peak Geek" Cybersecurity Skills Challenge and the 1st Cybersecurity Geek Junior Challenge, and one closed-door conference for top domestic "white hat hackers". The conference was a closed-door meeting to the top "white hat hackers" in China.

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